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Campbeltown Pupils AFC
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McFadyen Contractors Remain Main Sponsors 2018 /19.
McFadyen Contractors Renew Sponsorship fpr New season

Once more, Campbeltown Pupils AFC have reason to thank McFadyen Contractors Ltd for their help in supporting local football. Billy McFadyen will commit his efforts to the vital task of draining Kintyre Park in time for the 2018-19 football season. This is a major task, as the park has remained a major problem since last experiencing work in 1984.

It is the burning ambition of the club to play regular fixtures on a grass surface, and renovation of the park drainage will help to increase participation for the club and wider community as a whole. This new venture will see the park play host to a number special juvenile fixtures, as well as Community Club and Schools orientated events.

First steps have been taken with the laying of a major drain across the length of the park inside the barrier at the hillside. Sub-soiling has also taken place, with the promise of further work in the coming off-season which includes further sub-soiling and sand dressing of the surface,

McFadyen Contractors will also supply the club with Track Suites and Strips in time for the new 2018/19 season. Thanks Billy. We appreciate your kindness.

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